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Thank you for stopping by my blog about New Paltz, New York State. I have called new Paltz home for many years and I started this website to share my native community with people around the world. On this blog, you will find stories about local news and events as well as coverage of any national issues that are impacting life for us here at home. I’ll also be covering the best attractions in New Paltz so visitors can enjoy an unbelieveable getaway in the most beautiful place in the state of New York. So whether you are already a resident or just a curious tourist, I invite you to learn more about what makes our town such a great place to live and work. We hope to be the Internet’s most helpful website on what our town is like and how you can be a part of our local culture.

Quick Tips for Touring New York

There are millions of people that make the decision to visit New York each year. If you have made the decision to visit the big apple you might feel a little bit overwhelmed. This is understandable because there really is a lot to see and do. Those individuals that are feeling a little bit overwhelmed will want to follow a few simple tips to help them plan their tour of New York.

Always start by making a list of everything that there is to see and do. You may not realize what is offered. There may even be a few things that you were not aware of. Once you see something listed you may decide that this is an attraction that you would like to see.

Once you have made the list of attractions you will want to prioritize what you would like to. Pay attention to where these attractions are located because you will want to narrow them down later based on where you are staying. Take into account how long you will be staying in New York and how long each activity will take you. Many people are on a budget so you should always consider the price of admission when it comes to attractions. You may want to select a few attractions that are free to help you save some money.

Finally, read the reviews that have been posted related to what you would like to do. This is extremely important because even though you really want to do a certain activity, it might not be all that it is cracked up to be. You can make decisions based on what others have to say about the attraction and narrow down your list.

Not a Fan of New York

I think of New York City (NYC) as the capital of the world, but I am not a fan. NYC is the biggest city in New York State, and the biggest city in the Unites States of America. However, sixty-six percent of the state’s population is in the “big city”. NYC is on of the most culturally diverse city in the entire world. The state of New York is beautiful in spite of NYC. The landscape of is made mostly of mountains covered with dense forest. The great Appalachian Valley rules Eastern New York State. In Lake Tear of the Clouds, the Hudson River starts and flows south going through the “big city”, and dumps out in NYC harbor.

The state partakes in a humid continental climate. Two continental air masses control the state’s climate, one humid air mass from the way of Texas, and another cold air mass from Canada. This temperature and pressure differential leads to moderate to severe precipitation. In the winter, especially in the months of January and February, the precipitation manifests itself in the form of heavy snowstorms and blizzards. The winters in the state of New York are brutal. If you like the beauty of snow, you might consider the winters pleasant. No thanks; I will spend my winters in Texas.

The weather climate is excellent when compared to the political climate. The House delegation consists of eighteen Democrats and nine Republicans. The Senators representing the State of New York are Chuck Schumer and Kristen Gillibrand. The state of New York suffers from the same illness as Maryland, California and Wisconsin, to name a few. The good hard working citizens are underrepresented. Instead, degenerate politicians strip their liberties away by making their representative government assume more power. It is one of many states controlled by a minority addicted to handouts, and the politicians that promise the handouts, are addicted to the people with their hand out. New York State is crippled in a two-fold manner: by good people that do nothing and by bad people that do all they can.

New York! New York!

My husband and I recently took a week vacation to New York for our tenth wedding anniversary. We had planned this trip for over a year, and we had a great time. We worked with a travel agent to help us secure great deals on our flights and hotel accommodations, so we were able to put extra money toward the things we wanted to do while there.

Our first day, at the recommendation of our travel agent, we spent exploring Central Park. We took our time walking through some of the park, and rode the carousel. We also took a carriage ride, and bought our lunch from a vendor and enjoyed a picnic. It was a good chance to stretch our legs after a day of travel. That night we took in a Broadway performance of The Lion King, which was amazing. The next morning, we were off and running to a jam packed week of seeing the sites of New York City.

Over the course of the week we saw the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, The Empire State Building, and Grand Central Station. We also spent another day in Central Park, and saw two more Broadway plays, Les Mis and Stomp. We had fun eating at several different fantastic restaurants, and saw some iconic spots from TV and film.

We loved our time in the Big Apple, and we will definitely be going back again someday. There was so much of the city we didnt get to check out that we wanted to see. Our anniversary trip was a great getaway for us, and full of fun!

Exploring New York State

Every time I hear the words New York, it’s always about something regarding the city. I seldom hear anything about the rest of the state, so last year I got in my car and decided to learn so see what the rest of New York had to offer.

The first thing I noticed when I drove through New York was the number of dairy farms I passed. It was nearly impossible to drive down one of the backroads and not pass at least one dairy farm. Most were quite pretty and well run. Each time I saw someone driving some sort of farm equipment down the road, they always greeted me with a big smile and a wave. This surprised me, since most of the New Yorkers I’ve met aren’t the friendliest bunch of people and it usually takes them awhile to warm up to people.

The other thing I noticed was that New York is a very pretty state. The terrain is a bit hillier than I imagined, and it was lovely to see so many trees and wide open spaces instead of the skyscrapers and bumper to bumper traffic I usually associate with New York City.

When I drove through New York state, I came to the conclusion that even away from the Big Apple, there’s a little bit of something for everyone all over the area. There are little tiny towns that consist of restaurants and grocery stores run by families who are working hard to make ends meet, and there are also plenty of larger cities where the familiar chain establishment’s line up on both sides of the main streets.

I strongly urge everyone to get into their car and spend some time driving around New York states backroads. You’ll enjoy the experience.

Travelling to New York

I really hate to admit this, but I have never been to New York. I know there are a lot of people who haven’t been there, but given the fact that I am almost 40, don’t tell anyone, I feel like this is one of the places that I should have on my list of cities that I have been to in my life. The truth is that there are not that many people in my circle who have traveled to New York. And I am not just talking about New York City, but the entire state of New York.

Considering I live in the Midwest, I think I have done pretty well with how many places I have traveled to outside of my state. I can say that I have been to the East coast, more than once even. The first time, I went to Virginia to visit relatives. That was a lot of fun. We traveled to Baltimore as well and that was a great time too. Another time I have been to that side of the states was when my husband and I went to the Carolinas for our honeymoon.

I really like the East coast, but I am not sure that New York is somewhere I will ever visit. I don’t know why, but I don’t think that I will ever have a good reason to go there except for the fact that I have never been. I have never traveled to a place just for that reason, but my husband thinks that is one of the best reasons to go somewhere. Perhaps someday he will plan a trip for the family out to New York.

Enjoy an Affordable Vacation in New York City

Visiting New York City is going to take a chunk of your savings. The city is one of the priciest places in the world. The good news is that if you decide you want to vacation in New York City, there are several things you can do to keep your expenses low.

Walk Whenever Possible

Before you get to New York City you should sit down and make a list of all things you want to see while you’re there. Than you can work out how to arrange things so you can walk to most of the locations. Not only will walking help you save money, it will also give you a really good feel for the city and let you see and experience things you never would have encountered if you took a cab or subway. If you can’t walk for some reason, you should take the subway rather than a cab.

Buy Groceries

While it’s okay to eat out occasionally during your vacation, don’t make it a regular thing. Stopping at grocery store is a great way to eat without blowing your entire vacation fund. Plus, you’ll meet all sorts of interesting people while you pick out your groceries

Prove You’re Not Local

Believe it or not, there are some places in the New York City that will give you a break on the items you purchase provided you show them your out of state identification. It never hurts to ask.

Take Advantage of Free Days and Walking Tours

The great thing about many of the museums and cultural institutes in New York City is that they usually have several free days, which is a great opportunity. You’ll also find that on warm days there are often walking tours you can take that will teach you about the city.

3 Things To Do In New York

New York has been my home for almost 29 years. I grew up on the island and I have watched as this city has exploded in population and, well, in reality. I watched as the twin towers exploded in flames and I watched as they fell hundreds of feet and destroyed our city. I have seen a ton of things in this city. I have walked up on dead bodies and I have seen newly wed couples consummating their vows on the street. I have watched movies being shot and I have seen the pimps and hustlers working the corner. There isn’t much that I haven’t seen. I have watched it all. The city is a cold hard place. It is also a gorgeous place. For all the bad things that go on here in the city there are also a ton of good things that happen. I have watched churches build and I have seen new congregations pop up and make an impact.

So if you have the chance to visit New York then you need to listen to this advice and visit these three places. There are 3 key things that you need to do when you are in New York and I promise you will not regret any of them. First, you need to watch a Baseball game. I care not if you choose the Yankees or the Mets. Just go watch a game in New York and you will understand why sports are such a big deal. You also need to stand at the top of the empire State Building. Finally, you need to visit the Statue of Liberty. Lady Liberty is a sweet gal and she will bless your heart…I promise.

Best Places To Camp In New York State

One of the last things you probably think about when you hear New York State is a place to camp but you may just be surprised at what they have to offer you. In this article we will go over a few of the best places to camp in New York State.

Heckscher State Park, located in East Islip New York is rated as one of the top 100 campgrounds in the United States. There are all sorts of things to do while there such as swimming, biking, and even playing on the playground. You can even take your dog for a walk as long as you keep them on a leash.

Allegany State Park is off I-86 and is very well developed with cabins, playgrounds and inns for camping in. There are quite a few things to do while in this state park as well such as hunting, hiking, horseback riding, and picnicking. If you want to sit back and relax and enjoy your camping trip then you may want to take the time to check out Allegany State Park.

Wildwood State Park is a wonderful place to camp if you like to be in the wilderness. Sometimes when people talk about camping, they are talking about being in a camper and having all the amenities of home. If you like to “rough it” then Wildwood State Park will be one that will give you a real camping experience. I personally think if you are going to go camping then you might as well do it like your living in the wild. This part is off I-86 on exit 18-20.

Enjoy your camping trip!

Visiting New York With Little Ones

If you are brave enough to travel to New York with little ones in toe you definitely have to visit Central Park. You can easily spend an entire day in Central park and your kids will be sure to love it. There are special places in Central park just for little ones such as Sheep’s meadow. Another fun thing that kids like to do in Central park is feed the ducks. I can remember feeding the ducks when I was little and I remember it like it was yesterday.

The Central park carousel is also a great place to visit with your kids and will be sure to entertain them for a long time. You won’t have to worry about the kids getting bored while in central park and you won’t have to worry about them falling asleep once you are back to your hotel either. They are sure to fall out before you even get back to wherever you are staying in the city.

The Bronx Zoo is a wonderful destination to visit while in New York with your kids. The animals they have to offer are great and they offer world class exhibits for the entire family to enjoy. The Bronx Zoo is home to over 600 species from all across the world.

The Botanical Garden is also a place you may like to visit with your little’s while in NYC. If you home school your kids, The Botanical Garden can be a learning experience as well as fun for all involved. Take some pictures of the plants you would like to learn more about and then use them in your schooling once you are all back home.

The New York State Blizzard

As you can imagine, the current conditions in the state of New York are worsening. The temperatures have dropped and the snowfall is accumulating very quickly. It seems that this is a yearly incident anymore. However it is also a strange way to bring up the topic of climate change. For many years the world has been hearing all about the warming planet and the dangers that come with this phenomenon. People such as Al Gore will release videos and books that detail the damage that is being done to the globe and the climate. However they rarely, if ever, cite the normal conditions that are always occurring. Why is it that the world is full of climate skeptics yet the media continues to push the idea that the world is warming? How can it be warming when the United States is currently in the coldest conditions it has seen in over 20 years?

Some will argue that global climate change does not mean global warming. I would argue that this is simply a different side of the same coin. For many years we were told that the earth was heating up. Now we are being told that the climate is changing in a myriad of ways. The state of New York is a great example. They are under 20+ inches of snow right now. This happens every year. They are also closing schools based on the cold temperatures. This too happens every year. There is nothing new under the sun and this is just another ploy by some to control the masses. When you control the narrative you control the money. And this is all about control and money. Do not fall for it.